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Protecting Your Company Secrets Requires A Strong Defense

As a business owner, one of the most valuable assets that you possess is the intellectual property and trade secrets of your company. The most common way that these assets are lost are when you have an employee separate from your company. The best way to protect with these are with a nondisclosure agreement and a noncompetition agreement, the two best tools at your disposal. However, when those agreements are breached, you need an experienced noncompetition and trade secrets attorney who can help you prevent any further disclosure or exploitation of your trade secrets and to recover monetary damages from the breached agreement. Contact Anastos Law LLC for help.

Is Your Noncompetition Agreement Enforceable?

Noncompetition agreements are generally meant to protect your best interests and business trade secrets. Courts have taken a critical eye to employment agreements that include noncompetition clauses. There are specific details that could make a noncompetition clause unenforceable in the court of law. Because of the nuanced issues around the enforceability of noncompetition agreements, it is best to have an attorney’s assistance with drafting or reviewing your noncompetition agreement.

How An Attorney Can Protect Your Trade Secrets

When you work with Thomas L. Anastos, he can help you protect your trade secrets by seeing that the agreements which you have established are honored by communicating with the breaching party first. If they refuse to comply with their contractual obligations, he can file a suit on your behalf and take them to court in order to enforce compliance with the agreement, and get compensation for you if you have suffered monetary damage by the breach.

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